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Scorpio Sun Gemini Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Synastry Inter-Aspect Series: MOON + MOON Compatibility

Mars in Leo Man 3. Moon in Gemini with Moon in Sagittarius. Gemini and Sagittarius are two opposite mutable signs. Their relationship, therefore, is said to have a mixture of love and hate.

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Do not fal Moon in Taurus with Moon in Leo. They tend to aim high in life and support each other to do well. Gemini Moon with Capricorn Moon can be a difficult connection to maintain. At best, these two can complement each other. Capricorn Moon can become too serious for Gemini Moon, but on the other hand, Gemini Moon can appreciate the achievements of Capricorn Moon. Capricorn Moon tends to overwork, while Gemini Moon enjoys to learn and explore, rather than anything routine.

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This can be the case of opposite attracts. Gemini Moon with Aquarius Moon is a great match between two people who will inspire each other to grow and learn, as well as pursuit ideas and interests. They can make good friends, and this is very important, as both needs friendship to make the relationship work. Romance is not enough. They need to have common ground, and they need to have similar beliefs and mental compatibility. Stimulating conversations and mental rapport are very important to both parties. These two tend to be very similar people and their union has a great chance to last.

Gemini Moon with Pisces Moon is a match between two people who are at times unpredictable and mood changes can occur when you least expect it. Both can end up confused and unsure. Pisces Moon is passive and intuitive, while Gemini Moon is cerebral and verbal. Pisces Moon can become hurt if Gemini Moon makes fun of something they feel insecure and sensitive about. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Live.

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I use different decks in my work such as M. Lenormand's oracle. But that doesn't mean they don't have a soulful side, or they're always light. Gemini is a sign of both light and dark, and everything in between. It takes time to see all the dimensions, since Gemini Moon leads with the thinking mind, even when talking about feelings. They drive themselves crazy thinking too much, and this can lead to spiky emotional states.

Gemini Moon Sign Compatibility

When Gemini Moons are overwrought, they show different faces, which can take even those close to them by surprise. Gemini's dark side comes out in cynical humor and sometimes playing the conniving trickster. The Moon in Gemini person has a light touch socially and has an instinct for putting others at ease. Air sign Moons have a way of relating that's spacious, with lots of room for fresh ideas. For them, the world is full of interesting topics to learn and think about, and of course, chat about with others. They take in everything that people share and can become notorious gossips if they pass it on.

Gemini Moon Sign Compatibility with Taurus Moon Sign

Visitor Sitemap. They may feel there is a karmic tie between them. The notion linked to this is that the female carriers are more comprising in relationships. To determine if your Moon is in Gemini or Leo, put your birth date and birth time in our Natal Chart Calculator and do the same for your partner. These people are very interesting and talkative during the process of judging whether a person is a suitable match for them or not. And this whole thing made me feel Extremely Seen so I loved it. Gemini Moon is restless and wants new challenges and ideas.

The Gemini Moon can find it hard to relax, and even when winding down in the evening may have several conduits of information on at once, such as the TV and radio, all the while surfing the Net.